Transcription Services

Karen Lawliss offers Certified Transcription Services to meet your needs.

Special Education School meetings with IEP and / or 504 members, Mediation, Hearings, Trail.

Medical Transcription Private practice, Medical conferences, Journals and Publications

Legal Transcription Town court, Board meetings, Jury trials, Attorney logs

Professional Transcription Seminars, Journals, Conferences, Teaching Series, Books


Certified will hold up in court. As a certified transcriber, I have signed an affadavit stating I will, under oath, transcribe only what is actually being stated on tape.

Confidentiality. I am committed to the people I serve and all of those involved. Your confidentiality and privacy is of my utmost concern.

Fast Turnaround. Pricing as low as $3.60 per page

For more information, or an estimate, please contact Karen at

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