We care about the privacy of our members' personal and medical information and place great value on the practice of safeguarding it. Trust and the desire for confidentiality are among the reasons why members select Vital Card® as their choice for an emergency medical information and identification assistance. Vital Card® ensures that our members provide any and all personal and medical data voluntarily. Our policies provide for the safeguarding of members' information and prohibit its distribution (selling, loaning or renting).


Vital Card® is not liable for any information provided that is incomplete, inaccurate or out of date. We will keep all signed and dated forms on file for verification purposes and to properly date each Vital Card® that is created as being accurate and up to date in regards to the most recent form filled out on file. Vital Card® urges all clients to keep their information up to date, accurate and complete, but is not responsible for those that choose not to do so.

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