What would you do if your child was involved in an accident and you weren't there or able to communicate their complex medical and surgical history?

Hows would the EMTs and ER staff know what your child was allergic to before they exposed him?

ELIMINATE THE STRESS and miscommunication during time of an accident or health emergency.

You don't have your insurance or Medicaid information with you, emergency contact people, specialists that need to be contacted. Not having this information with you at all times could lead to a delay in proper treatment, misdiagnoses and possible harm to your child.

What would you do if you were traveling somewhere and you didn't have your current MRI or CT scans with you or they were lost or damaged?

Life is stressful enough without having to commit to memory and sometimes educate the listener about a complicated medical history with surgical information and allergies - all while you're trying to tend to an urgently sick child!

Rest Easy - Eliminate (some) Stress - Keep it simple, accurate and complete!®

Vital CardŽ can cover all of the bases with the nurses, residents, specialists and EMT professionals... and you can concentrate on your child.

For $49.95 you'll receive 3 laminated copies of your Vital Card® containing your urgent medical information specially formatted for quick and easy viewing. Information included but not limited to:

• Insurance/Medicaid numbers
• Emergency Contacts and phone numbers
• Surgical history, Allergies, CT/MRI images
• Medications, personal picture and much more...

For more information on Vital Card®, please contact Karen at 518-569-8595 or by email at

Privacy Policy. Your personal information and medical history remains confidential. Vital Card® client information is secure. Vital Card® does not share/sell its client lists. Vital Card® was created by a mother of a child with special needs.

October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month!®

How the Vital Card® has many applications.

Suggested locations for placement:
• Attach on to the car seat
• Diaper bags
• Backpacks
• School nurse
• Bus driver
• Gym teacher
• Home room teacher
• Grandparents house
• Emergency contact person
• Therapists
• Social workers
• Babysitters

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