Ordering Information - How to Obtain your Vital Card

Each person enters their personal contact information then clicks the submit button which will enable them to pull up a PDF of the client information form to print out.

Each client then fills out the forms detailing their personal information and then has it read and verified by their primary care physician. It is very important to have the forms checked over and signed by the physician. Doing this will provide Vital Card® with the medical terms and all procedures performed relating to each condition, and a more complete history. Medical terminology is invaluable to the EMT and other emergency medical staff taking care of you or your child. It will also inform Vital Card® that a medical professional has been consulted and assures the accuracy of the information given.

If CT or MRI images are needed please have the specialist designate which film images should be included on your Vital Card®. The specialist is also encourage to include specific notes pertaining to the patient's films for easier reference by themselves and other medical professionals.

Upon receiving the verified and signed forms from the primary care physician (and any applicable CT or MRI images) the client then mails the completed forms, film sheets with selected images, and a personal photo, along with payment to our home office at: Vital Card®, 2060 Military Turnpike, Plattsburgh, NY 12901.

In 10 to 14 days the order will be processed and Vital Card®s created and mailed back to the client along with their film sheets and personal photo.

When updates are necessary: Simply phone, email, fax or mail the updated information, along with the primary physician's verification signature to our home office for processing.


First 3 Laminated Vital Card® $49.95 (including scanned images)

Additional Vital Card®'s $5.00

Updates to existing Vital Card® $7.95 for 3 copies

Prices include shipping, handling and tax!

Please print the below form out and mail it to us with a check.

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