History of Vital Card®

We were a typical couple anxiously awaiting the birth of our first child when our whole world came crashing down. Karen was 18 weeks pregnant with Brenden when we were told he would be born with Spina Bifida. We were too shocked to ask questions, knowing that we'd just go home and dive into the Internet for answers. The months ahead were spent online gathering all the possible scenarios of what he might be like, what he might need help with, and ultimately what we'd have to learn and look out for.

Our beautiful boy is older now and he has two younger brothers, Jacob and Aden. After years of organizing and juggling appointments with therapists, doctors and other professionals, memorizing surgical histories and carrying around a 10-pound pile of MRI and CT images (not to mention paying for our own copies), we knew there should be a simpler way.

We started out with a simple notebook, listing all of the tests and surgeries that occurred, but still had to read off the list to each doctor that saw us and it always seemed that none of them bothered to read Brenden's file. Brenden's paternal grandparents, Russ and Niki, wanted to take Brenden for a ride in their car, just a simple ride, but we wouldn't allow it until we were comfortable knowing that they'd have all of the information they would need if anything horrible happened. Vital Card® then came to be and once it was designed, it was verified by his neurosurgeon, copied and laminated for each of his car seats, diaper bags, emergency contact people, etc. That was in June of 2001 and Vital CardŽ was born!

Please go here and click on Information on How to Order. For more information on Vital Card®, please click on Vital Card Product Info or contact Karen at 518-569-8595 or by email at karen@vitalcard.net.

Vital Card® Mission

Our mission is to simplify life! To get this tool into as many hands as possible that could really benefit from it. We've seen first hand the benefits of having a Vital CardŽ. The parents of children with special needs are stressed enough just from having to learn what they need to learn to help their child, let alone the job of being a parent. We hope you find our service a useful tool in helping you relieve some of the stress you undoubtedly have in your life.

We believe knowledge is power and a Vital Card® will not only help families in times of crisis, but we feel it will help them gain some kind of hold on what is going on with their loved one or themselves. It may enable them to open a line of communication with their physicians that they didn't have already, give them a way to ask questions in order to get answers that they possibly weren't able to do before.

Having a Vital CardŽ will also give seniors and adults with complicated medical conditions a chance to go on the offense and will give them a sense of security and control in uncertain times.

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